Information and Cyber Security:

In the world of cyber and information security, technological threats evolve rapidly and demand that infosec professionals adapt and respond in near-real time. While these challenges are evasive and constantly shifting, one variable remains constant: the human factor. Hostile actors generally prefer social engineering over technical hacks to achieve their goals, costing your company significantly. Today’s cyber threat relies on the art of deception to exploit human vulnerabilities. While the infosec community consists of consummate experts highly trained in the technology of cyber defense, they tend to lack commensurate capacities in human-specific skillsets.

The Culper Group addresses this gap by providing human expertise that strengthens your defensive architecture across the entire threat spectrum. By assessing your current protocols and red-cell testing the human components of your information security measures we can improve your organization’s resistance to human-centric deceptive and manipulative attacks.

Clients generally find that a suite of three courses supplement the consulting services outlined above. Deception Detection training builds human terrain competency among your in-house infosec team. Eliciting the Truth trains cyber security professionals in the interviewing techniques they need to successfully conduct post-breach investigations. Defensive Social Engineering trains managers on how to foster honesty and transparency in their teams, creating a lower level of deceptive ‘background noise’, making insider hostility easier to detect and deter.

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