While we have standard models for our training sessions, no class we’ve ever taught has been exactly the same, because no two clients have the same exact needs. Military intelligence customers have very different requirements than hedge fund analysts. We endeavor to ensure that we fully understand our client’s training goals, and tailor each session to ensure those goals are met. The following courses are the starting points from which we will customize your offering:

Deception Detection

In this  course, our instructors will guide a class through an introduction to deception detection.  Students will leave this course with an enhanced understanding of the nature of deception, the mythology of popular but unproven approaches (and how to avoid them), and most importantly, a discrete set of tools that if properly applied will improve their ability to spot deceptive efforts.  Complete with practical exercises, this class focuses on verbal, non verbal, and written communication, focusing on the both interactive and noninteractive settings.


Eliciting the Truth

For analysts and interviewers, this course builds on the foundation of the introductory Deception Detection course, and moves on to Eliciting the Truth.  It is one thing to spot communications with high markers for deception, it’s another to interact with a person and encourage honesty.  In this half day course our instructors will guide the class through questioning strategy, interview techniques, and persuasion, all based on how to innocuously cultivate truthful communication in interviews.


Promoting Honesty and Integrity in the Work Place

While we have declined to develop a course on how to lie more effectively, we were eager to design a course in response to this client request: how to foster honesty in the work place.  A management favorite, this course is for mid-level managers, section leaders, and particularly supervisors of inter-organizational teams or working groups.  Have a project where you need people to become less likely to lie or cheat, and more likely to be honest and truthful?  Then this is the course for you.  A modified version of this course specifically for Information and Cyber Security Teams focuses on Social Engineering, and how clients can protect themselves from hostile social engineering efforts through effective leadership.  Relying on recent scientific evidence and the practical experience of Influence Operations over the past decade of conflict, our instructors will introduce your organization’s leaders to this fascinating and cutting edge field.


Persuasion and Negotiation 

There’s no dearth of negotiation training, particularly in the business world.  What the Culper Group offers is insight into the world of high stakes negotiations in conflict zones. This course will review elements of persuasion and influence, understanding your negotiating partner, shaping the pre-negotiation environment, game theory, establishing trust and rapport with even the most hostile partners, and ideally, provide business-savvy negotiators with a few additional tools and techniques for their next engagement.


Cross Cultural Communication and Competency

Our team has extensive real world experience in Cross Cultural Communication;  from tactical questioning in combat environments to negotiating multi million dollar agreements through self-interested proxies, to shaping strategic communication and influence in overseas theaters, including Southwest Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa. This course introduces clients to the principles of Cross Cultural Communication, the proper utilization of interpreters, the psychology of cross cultural interactions, and how to leverage cultural understanding to generate clear and persuasive communication.


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Custom courses:

We also offer custom training design for a variety of organizations and applications.

Some examples include:

For Law Enforcement: modernizing your interrogation procedures, avoiding myth-based pitfalls, avoiding false positives, understanding cultural context, as well as coaching on de-escalation, rules of engagement, and avoiding unnecessary use of force, taught by a highly credentialed team with significant close-combat experience.  

For Financial Analysts: Examining written documents and transcripts for deception indicators, with a specific focus on investment clients.

For Lawyers: cross examination - identifying deception on the stand and in mediation, from a lawyer’s perspective.

If you’re interested in a custom designed course, let us know.