For Defense and Intelligence organizations, we provide coursework and training in Human Behavioral Analysis, Deception Detection, Information, Influence, and Intelligence Operations, High Stakes Negotiation, Rapport Building, Strategic Communication, Psychological Warfare, and other Human Terrain topics. Please contact us at so that we can customize an offering around your specific needs. 

For Law Enforcement Agencies, particularly local and state police organizations, we provide training in similar arenas, specifically Deception Detection, Strategic Communication, Social Engineering and INFOSEC, Negotiation, as well as Tactical, Operational, and Strategic Communication. In addition, our staff social scientists, including Psychologists and Neuroscientists, are answering the increased demand for subjects such as Implicit Bias training. We develop our solutions for each client in accordance with their unique interests and requirements. Please contact us via for more information.  

The Culper Group also has a team of consultants with specific areas of expertise, ready to help LEO's succeed in their missions. Community Advise and Assist Teams, or CAATs provide long term consulting and training in Special Operations, Intelligence, and the unconventional human domain skillsets that help build trust and cooperation between communities and the police who patrol them.