CLE and CPE offerings

Deception Detection

In this  course, our instructors will guide a class through an introduction to deception detection.  Students will leave this course with an enhanced understanding of the nature of deception, the mythology of popular but unproven approaches (and how to avoid them), and most importantly, a discrete set of tools that if properly applied will improve their ability to spot deceptive efforts.  Complete with practical exercises, this class focuses on verbal, non verbal, and written communication, focusing on the both interactive and noninteractive settings. The CLE course focuses on the legal applications of the skillset, particularly in Mergers and Acquisitions,  disclosure, litigation, and corporate investigations. The CPE course is relevant to fraud, interviewing, and investigations. 

Promoting Honesty and Integrity 

A management favorite, this course is for mid-level managers, section leaders, and particularly supervisors of inter-organizational teams or working groups.  Have a project where you need people to become less likely to lie or cheat, and more likely to be honest and truthful?  Then this is the course for you.  The content addresses Social Engineering, which presents a credible threat to any client who relies on Information and Cyber systems, and provides a methodology of defense to the human factor of Information Security failures. Relying on recent scientific evidence and the practical experience of Influence Operations over the past decade of conflict, our instructors will introduce your organization’s leaders to this fascinating and cutting edge field. The CLE course focuses on law practice management applications, while the CPE course is tailored to accounting firm management.


In the field of national security, lawfare is becoming an increasingly popular tactic with asymmetrical actors, from terrorist organizations to nation-states. This course will explore the history and evolution of lawfare, how it pertains to national and corporate security, and America's institutional responses to it. Taught by instructors with ground level experience in the field, including JAG officers and former NSA officers. 

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