Continuing Legal Education: Social Engineering, Data Breaches, and Liability.

Friday, June 24th 2016 : Austin, TX - 11:45 AM to 4:15 PM

4 hours of CLE Credit (1 hour of Ethics/Professional Responsibility)

Social Engineering is the use of human vulnerabilities to manipulate people into opening access to critical data. These human-centric breaches cost companies millions of dollars every year, and are a leading cause of cyber security failures. 

Social Engineering hacks are illegal. Counsel for corporations such as Target, Verizon, or even Ashley Madison, have to understand how these threats manifest and express, resulting in enormous costs. Law Firms need to be aware of how vulnerable their firms are. 80 of the top 100 law firms have been data breach victims. At least 25% of large law firms have reported being hacked, and many either don't realize it or don't report it. While businesses, including law practices, imagine that hackers are nefarious outsider threats, witting or unwitting insiders are behind a staggering percentage of information breaches.

Unfortunately many law firms don't know how to prevent or respond to these sorts of attacks. 

Hostile actors, from nation states to corporate competitors to common criminals are eager to access confidential information on litigation, mergers and acquisitions, or client data. By not taking precautions against this, attorneys are failing to meet their ethical and professional responsibility requirements, putting themselves and their clients at tremendous risk.  

Our instructors for this course include national security and intelligence experts in the fields of cyber security, psychological operations, human intelligence, and law. 




  • Understand the role of human-centric Social Engineering  cyber attacks on businesses and law firms. 
  • Explore how these criminals exploit human vulnerabilities to hack your data.
  • Examine recent case studies of Social Engineering, including the effects, costs, and legal ramifications.
  • Discuss the current direction of legal findings and pending cases related to Social Engineering, with a focus on corporate liability. 
  • Harden your Human Firewall. Learn best practices to inoculate your company or firm from Social Engineering efforts, as well as how to respond in the event of a breach. 

Tuition for the course is $200.
The early bird (registration prior to June 1st), new lawyer, (5 years or less), groups (3 or more), government, and veteran, rate is $150. Only 30 seats are available, so register early!

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